cWhat to do when you want to make an appointment with your GP?

We ask you not to come to the practice without an appointment. If your medical question alllows it, then we will help you via the┬ápossibility of video calling or a phone call. If you have an appointment at the practice, then we ask you to come at the exact time of the appointment, we ask you to use disinfectant for your hands and to keep the right distance from the other persons in the practice. If you have any complaints that might be Corona related, then you will receive a face mask and the health care worker will also be wearing protective clothing. These advices are shown in the video above, unfortunately it’s only available in Dutch.

Online booking of appointments and evening consultation cancelled due to the Corona virus

Unfortunately, because of the Corona virus, we decided to stop the possibility to make an appointment online and we cancelled the ability for appointments in the evening for an uncertain period of time. We would like to ask you to call our practice if you want to make an appointment. Our doctor’s assistant will then carefully questions you about the complaints and she will manage the appointments. We try to book the appointments in such a manner that you won’t cross paths with others patients af far as this is possible. You can still use the online portal to ask a question to your doctor or you can send us an email:

We hope for your understanding.