Online registration form
We are busy adjusting the website behind the scenes. There will be an online registration form. Those who have registered for the newsletter will receive a link to the registration form by email. Others can soon find the registration form on our website.

Personal identification and privacy personal data
After the online registration form has been completed and sent, we will use this information to complete the registration in our general practitioner information system. Due to stricter regulations regarding privacy and exchange of personal data, we ask all new patients to personally identify with us once with a valid passport or ID card. After this identification we can complete the registration.

For us this is also a nice way to meet our new patients.

Medical information from your old GP
In order to provide good care, it is important that we receive the medical data from your old GP. To request this information from the GP, we need an authorization. When you come for personal identification you can immediately sign this authorization.

LSP stands for ´Landelijk Schakel Punt´. We ask all our patients to give permission for data exchange between other care providers involved in your care.  For example your pharmacy  or the hospital. We think it is important that this happens, in order to ensure a better quality of care. Of course, each patient may decide for himself whether he or she wants it.

Do you want more information about LSP, or do you want to arrange your permission online? Take a look at: https://home/hapwaalfront/domains/