In our announcement in the leaflet and on the website we mentioned that we wanted to open the doors of Waalfront general practice in the autumn of 2017. Unfortunately the opening of our practice will be delayed. As you may know, the area of Batavia/Waalfront is continuously evolving. Our plans to start our practice as soon as possible are under great influence of all the developments concerning this area. For example we want our practice to be situated in a place with as little disturbance of construction work as possible.

We want to start as soon as possible to already deliver care to all the inhabitants of Batavia/Waalfront area. Waalfront general practice will therefore start at a temporary location. We are currently busy applying for a permit from the municipality to place temporary units in a central location in this area. Unfortunately this takes longer than expected.

In recent weeks, developmental company Waalfront (OBW) and managers of the Honig complex have worked hard to help us start our practice at a central location in the area of Batavia/Waalfront. We are very grateful for all the help we received from the parties involved in this whole process.

We will keep u informed about any updates and of course we will let u know when we have more news concerning the opening date of our practice.