Developing area the Waalfront

Evolving together
We are a starting practice and we will grow together with the area. Initially you will see the two GP’s and the doctor’s assistants. Ultimately, our wish is to grow into a fully modernized family practice with support staff.

We want a practice that accompanies new developments (ICT, newest medical standards). We are happy to develop along with you and take your wishes into account. 

Great accesability due to online options
We strive to work as much paperless and online as possible. This means that we are going to invest in an online patiënt portal for requesting prescriptions, making an appointment and conducting an e-consultation via your mobile phone.

Ideas/wishes? Let uw know!
If you want to become a patient at huisartsenpraktijk Waalfront, feel free to be involved in the start of our GP practice. Let us hear your ideas.

What should the waiting room look like? What information do you want to receive from your GP and in what way? What do you miss in your current GP practice?

We are open to your input and feedback. Ask your question or send us a message via the contact form below.

Send your input for Huisartsenpraktijk Waalfront